Full car or small SUV tint for only $130 with our Econo Film !!!

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Alta Mere Window Tint & Alarm  
4006 West Plano Parkway  
Suite 250  
Plano,  TX  75093  

Closed Sunday , 8-5 Mon - Thurs, 8-4 Fri - Sat.  


Alta Mere Window Tinting and Auto Alarms - (972) 985-4533




Our Spring Special is now over but effective May 18th, Alta Mere Plano has new lower prices on our 3 yr Warranty, Solargenics Lifetime Warranty and Wincos High Heat Rejection Lifetime Warranty Film. Along with our new lower prices we are offering a Pre Summer Special of $30 off any 3 year, or Lifetime Warranty film package - full tint packages only. 

Econo Plus Film - 3 YR Warranty - Car or Small SUV :

Was $185 NOW $180. Pre Summer Sale $30 off makes the price $150.

Solargenics Film Lifetime Warranty - Car or Small SUV :

Was $315 NOW $280. Pre Summer Sale $30 off makes the price $250.

Wincos High Heat Reject. Film Lifetime Warranty - Car or Small SUV :

Was $395 NOW $380 Pre Summer Sale $30 off makes the price $ 350.

Similar savings for trucks and vans.

OUR films Will Not Turn Purple !!!

Additional fee for darker film. 

 Use our Econo Film to tint a car or small SUV for only $130 !

Call us for a Remote Start on your vehicle. Have your vehicle warm / cool when you get in it.

We also offer Paint Protection, Alarms / Keyless Entry / Remote Start  and Audio Services. Check our Products Page for more information.

Our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality products at affordable rates is what makes Alta Mere Window Tinting and Auto Alarms the obvious choice to meet your needs. 

   Auto Tint : Don't be confused about window tint and UV rays and IR rays.

   All films - every film available - will reject 99% of harmful UV rays. Don't pay extra to get a window tint that rejects UV rays. All window tint rejects 99% of UV rays. 

   Do pay extra to get a film that will reject IR rays - The IR rays will cause your vehicle to heat up. You want a film to reject as much IR rays as possible ( like our Wincos ) to keep your car cooler.

   We have the latest technology non metalized and ceramic films. Most newer model vehicles require a non metalized film so that there is no disturbance of any RF devices ( tire pressure sensor, AM radio, bluetooth etc. etc. ). Both our Signal and Wincos films are non metalized. Because of its IR rejection properties our ceramic film, Wincos, rejects more heat and keeps your car cooler than other film. Achieve high heat rejection and a cooler vehicle without the look of dark, tinted windows with Wincos.




   Car Window Tint Simulator

Click on the car to check out the tint simulator to see what your car will look like with tinted windows.

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 We tint Rain or Shine so don't let the waether deter you. We tint indoors at our facility, so weather conditions do not affect us. We have been in business for over 17 years in the same location.

I appreciate the sacrifice that all of our military personnel and their families make each and every day. Military personnel can add an additional  5% discount to any coupon. If no coupon discounts are being offered, then military personnel can receive a 5% discount off any lifetime warranty film. Show military ID for discount. Offer good on Lifetime Warranty film only and only at Alta Mere Plano Location, 4006 West Plano Parkway. 

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Call (972) 985-4533
Alta Mere Window Tinting and Auto Alarms
4006 West Plano Parkway, Suite Suite 250
Plano, TX 75093

Closed Sunday , 8-5 Mon - Thurs, 8-4 Fri - Sat.

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