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Automotive Paint Protection Film in Plano, TX

Explore the benefits of Ultimate Plus Paint Protection film


1. Protects against bugs and rocks that can hit the car, even when you are cautious.
2. Paint protection film is self-healing against scratches, making it low maintenance.
3. Protects your car’s paint to maintain the ‘new car finish’ and increases its resale value.

Paint Protection Options

Alta Mere Plano Preferred $1,299

 Preferred Front End Protection Starting At $999

Alta Mere Plano Premium $1,399

Premium Front End Protection Starting At $1899

Paint Protection Add-Ons

Alta Mere Plano Headlights (2) $199

Headlights (2) $199

Alta Mere Plano Door Sills (2) $199

Door Sills (2) $199

Alta Mere Plano A-Pillar & Roof Header $199

A-Pillar & Roof Header $199

Alta Mere Plano Truck hatch $99

Truck hatch $99

Alta Mere Plano Rocker Panels (2) $599

Rocker Panels (2) $599

Alta Mere Plano Rear or Front Splash (2) $199

Rear or Front Splash (2) $199

Alta Mere Plano Door Edge (2) $99

Door Edge (4) $99

Alta Mere Plano Door Cup (2) & Edge Guard (2) $198

Door Cup (4) & Edge Guard (4) $198

Alta Mere Plano Door Cup (2) $99

Door Cup (4) $99

Car Paint Protection Film

One of our premium products and often referred to as “PPF,” our XPEL Self-Healing Car Paint Protection Film is simply perfect for protecting those areas on your car which are subject to high impacts from road debris. We can even provide full car coverage wraps for the ultimate in a car paint protection film. Now, you can keep your car’s beautiful paint safe from  scratches, chips and road debris using our glossy ULTIMATE PLUS™ system or our STEALTH™ looking satin finish today.

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Ceramic Coating

Looking for something with that long-lasting hydrophobic protection? You found it with our state of the art ceramic coating. FUSION PLUS™ offers patented scientific formulations specifically designed to help improve & protect the long term appearance of your car paint, PPF, wheels, calipers, glass, plastics, upholstery, and much more with just a single application. Find out more by asking your tech.

Be sure to explore our premium window tint options HERE.

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