Clear Bra For My Car

When properly installed, clear bras are invisible and have no impact on your car’s paint job. However, the material can peel or yellow over time.

Prepping your car for clear paint protection film is a meticulous process. It requires a clean, dry painted surface. It also involves working out creases and air bubbles before the PPF is dried.

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A clear bra protects your car’s finish from the elements to keep it looking like new. UV rays, harsh winters, road salt, and even bird droppings can damage your paint and detract from that shiny look you love.

The urethane layer of a clear bra is designed to prevent chips, scratches and scuffs. It also adds a smooth surface to your paint that makes it easier to clean and maintain that glossy look you desire.

When the paint protection film is heated (either from the sun or a heat gun) the elastomeric polymers soften and allow small scratches or swirls to self heal. This keeps the appearance of your car fresh and is one of the reasons why people choose PPF over traditional clear bras.

It is important to hire a professional installer for your clear bra installation. An inexperienced installer could make the film uneven or create air bubbles that will mar the appearance of your car.


Clear bra, also known as paint protection film (PPF), is a transparent material that allows the natural beauty of your new car’s factory paint to shine through. It produces amazing protection from rock chips, bug splatters, tree sap, and road debris to keep your vehicle looking like brand new year-round!

In addition to its protective qualities, clear bra is easy to clean and maintain. It’s resistant to most chemicals and abrasive materials, making it simple to wash your car without damaging the paint protection film. In addition, it is able to resist scratching, which makes it an ideal solution for vehicles that are driven daily and/or frequently parked in tight spaces.

It’s important to note that clear bra doesn’t protect your vehicle from all damage. If a five-pound rock hits your hood while you are driving 55 mph, it’s going to cause damage regardless of how protected your paint is. However, applying a professional ceramic coating on top of your clear bra will add an extra layer of defense.


It’s a common saying in the automotive world, “prep work makes the difference”. Whether you are rebuilding an 10,000-horsepower top fuel dragster Nitro engine or getting paint protection film installed on your vehicle, the quality of prep is critical to a successful outcome.

The same is true when it comes to clear bra installation. You want to ensure that the area where the urethane film is being applied is free of contaminants, waxes and scratches. This will guarantee a precision fit and minimize the chances of peeling or yellowing of the paint protection film.

A clear bra can help protect the high strike areas of a car’s front end including the bumper, headlight covers, grill and hood. These areas are prone to rock chips and bugs that can cause damage and detract from the vehicle’s value. Having paint protection film protecting these areas will make it easier to maintain and keep your car looking like new.


A clear bra helps protect high strike areas, like your front bumper, grill, headlight covers, hood, and fenders. These areas are more likely to get bug guts, minor scratches, or paint chips. The good news is that these types of damage can be repaired easily.

The self-healing technology in clear bras can make small scuff marks disappear. These films also help prevent the chemical damage caused by things such as bird droppings, sap from trees, and mineral deposits.

This is a popular choice for drivers who want to protect their car from damage and keep it looking brand new. When properly installed by the pros at Alta Mere in Plano,Texas, it will allow the beauty of the vehicle’s paint job to shine through with minimal dulling effect. It is important to choose a professional installer that uses quality products, because the film must be trimmed carefully to fit over the contours of your vehicle. Improper installation can result in air bubbles that will ruin the appearance of the film.