Automotive Window Film-The Question of Ceramic

automotive window film

Whether you want to upgrade your vehicle’s looks or you’re looking to increase its visibility, automotive window film from Alta Mere in Plano can be a great solution. Not only can it help to prevent fading, it can also protect your car’s paintwork from UV damage.

Ceramic Series

Designed to provide significant UV protection, the Ceramic Series automotive window film by TintClub is made from durable, inorganic ceramic nanoparticles. This film offers a high level of optical clarity and color stability. It also offers a deep, graphic color tone.

This film is available in a variety of tints from 5% to 70%. It does not change the color of your car’s windows and does not peel. It also offers superior UV and infrared rejection. It is also virtually maintenance-free.

Aside from UV protection, this film also reduces interior heat. This helps maintain the desired cabin temperature. It also improves night driving vision. The film is also highly resistant to fading and damage to leather and fabrics. It also has an SPF rating of up to 1000.


Getting your car tinted with nano-ceramic automotive window film is an easy and inexpensive way to make your car more comfortable, safe and attractive. It’s a great way to keep your car cool during hot summer months, while reducing glare and UV rays. This will also help improve your night driving vision.

Ceramic window film also provides insulation from the cold, which will keep your vehicle warmer during colder weather. Its shatter resistant glass can also protect your car from break-ins and theft. Its tint also blocks the sun’s harmful rays, which can cause skin cancer and premature aging.

The best nano-ceramic window film provides a great combination of heat rejection, IR blocking, UV protection and privacy. Its advanced construction includes multilayer nano-ceramic technology, which allows it to reject up to 96% of heat that comes from the sun’s rays.


XPEL Prime XR PLUS is an advanced window film that uses cutting edge technology. It offers the most effective protection against UV rays and infrared heat. With 98% heat rejection, XPEL Prime XR Plus is a superior solution to glare and UV protection.

Aside from protecting the interior of your vehicle, XPEL Prime XR PLUS also protects the driver’s eyes from harmful UV rays. Extended exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer, premature aging and glaucoma.

XPEL Prime XR PLUS uses a proprietary blend of ceramic particles to filter out the sun’s infrared radiation. This ceramic technology provides the ultimate in UV ray protection.

XPEL Prime XR Plus also reduces pressure on the air conditioner, keeping your car cooler. It can also reduce glare, which can cause eye strain and safety problems while driving.

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