Benefits of Ceramic Window Tint in Texas Heat

Ceramic tint provides a sleek aesthetic that’s easy to maintain. It also reduces the heat in your vehicle, protects against UV rays and cuts irritating glare.

Unlike dyed films, this tint does not bubble and discolor. It also stands up to heat and does not interfere with electronic signals.

Improved Comfort

The top layer of ceramic tint prevents your windows from absorbing excessive heat. This technology keeps your car’s interior cooler and helpsAlta Mere Plano What Are The Automotive Tint Laws In Texas body image protect your family from harmful UV rays. It also blocks out 99% of infrared radiation and other sun rays that cause premature aging, skin cancer and sunburn.

Window tint is available in a wide range of shades, or what’s known as VLT, from 5 percent (limo tint) to 80 percent or nearly transparent. Choose a darker shade for superior heat rejection and higher solar protection.

Xpel window tint is metal-free, so it won’t interfere with GPS, cell phone or Wi-Fi signals. It’s a sleek film that adds to the look of your vehicle, and it holds up well in harsh environments. It can also reduce glare and improve visibility on the road, making it safer to drive in high temperatures or during a snowstorm. It’s also resistant to scratching and fading, so you won’t need to touch it up often.

Increased Privacy

With a high-performance ceramic tint installed by our pros, you can reduce the amount of sun glare that enters your vehicle. Not only does this make driving a safer experience, but it also helps to prevent sun fading in your upholstery. Additionally, it will help to reduce strain on your air conditioning system.

A high-quality ceramic tint can also be an effective deterrent against thieves who might be looking to break into your car. The dark tint will hide the contents of your vehicle and make it more difficult to see what is inside.

Some ceramic tints will actually transition between darker and lighter tint shades based on the brightness of the sun. This will help to ensure that you do not squint while driving on bright days, and that you are able to drive safely at night. Additionally, the ceramic technology in these films will not interfere with cellular or gps signals.

Aesthetic Appeal

When your car needs an upgrade, there are plenty of options to consider. From a custom paint job to new rims, it’s easy to find an upgrade that will provide a significant impact on your vehicle. But one upgrade that’s often overlooked is window tinting.

Tinting your windows doesn’t just add a sleek look to your car; it also offers several benefits, including increased privacy and protection from harmful UV rays and infrared radiation. The most important factor when selecting a tint is to choose a film that is color stable.

Dye-based tints offer an affordable option, but they tend to bubble and discolor over time. Metallic films are another option, but they can interfere with GPS and cell signal transmission. A high-quality ceramic film like our Solar Ceramic provides the best aesthetics and durability, while offering superior heat rejection, UV protection, and reduced sun glare. This makes it the perfect choice for Texas drivers looking to get the most out of their vehicles.


Ceramic window tint, also called nano-ceramic film, offers the best heat rejection and UV protection available. It is more expensive than carbon or dyed tint but is worth the investment for its longevity and superior performance.

This type of tint is designed to reduce the amount of heat that enters your vehicle, allowing you to keep it cooler in hot weather and reducing the need for air conditioning. It also protects interior fabrics from fading and provides a sleek, stylish look to your car.

Unlike some other types of tint, ceramic doesn’t fade and has a neutral color that won’t change the appearance of your vehicle. It is also scratch resistant and will not interfere with your phone or radio signal. However, you should always wait a few days before cleaning your newly tinted windows so that the tint has time to cure properly. In addition, certified auto studio specialists can offer insights into local laws and regulations to ensure that your project is done within the legal limits.

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