The Benefits of Professionally Installed Paint Protection Film

Having paint protection film professionally installed on your car can save you a lot of money in the long run. Paint correction can be very expensive, especially for luxury cars. However, the process of applying film can be difficult on oddly shaped or curved surfaces. The pros outweigh the cons. Professional installation also ensures that you won’t have to worry about discoloration or scratches in the years to come.


The cost of professionally installed paint protection film can vary depending on the extent of coverage you want. Many retailers offerAlta Mere Plano PPF 2 different levels of protection and installation options, and the price of a professionally installed film is often based on the level of care you require. Professional installation requires a high level of skill and patience, and can involve a variety of steps. Some installers, like Alta Mere Plano, may also offer other services, such as window tinting and ceramic coating.

The most important step of this process is the preparation of the vehicle. The paint protection film must be applied to a car that is cool to the touch. If the car is hot, it may force the spray to dry between coats, defeating the self-leveling ability of the film. Make sure to check the weather forecast before applying paint protection film and park in a shaded area. Make sure to wipe away all dirt and debris from the car using a good quality car wash soap. If the weather is hot, you may want to park in a shady area or get the car washed with the right soap. You should also clean the car thoroughly with a good-quality wash and dry it with a rag. Once the vehicle is dry, prop the hood open with a block of wood or paper towels. As you can see, many things can go wrong with this type of diy. Professional installation isthe key.

Installation process

While paint protection film does help protect your car from fading, amateur installers should never attempt it. Without proper training and equipment, the film may yellow, peel, or blister. Even worse, uninstalled films may contain substandard adhesives that can become sticky once water penetrates the top coat. Professional installers like us will use high-grade film and acrylic adhesive, which does not oxidize when exposed to UV rays.


If installed correctly, paint protection film should last between five and ten years. A top-quality film should last at least that long. In addition, top-quality films will typically be covered by a warranty. What should you look for in a quality paint protection film? Read on to discover some tips that can increase the lifespan of your PPF!

Paint protection film should be applied across the entire surface of a vehicle. It should be free of bubbles, wrinkles, and ripples. Proper installation also prevents the film from failing prematurely. Some films can only protect a car’s paint job for a few years after application. Modern urethane films will retain their perfect transparency. And, if you plan on leaving your car for a long time, you can have the protection you need without the extra cost.


A professionally installed film is guaranteed to protect your vehicle from fading, peeling and discoloration. The films are easy to remove for replacement, and their clear quality will preserve the value of your vehicle. Professional installation shops also use advanced software to create a pattern that suits the shape of your panel. The resulting cut pattern will look professional, and will not damage the finish of your car. Ultimately, you will be saving money and maintaining the value of your vehicle.

A professionally installed paint protection film will protect your car’s finish against the harsh effects of the sun and the elements. The film will reduce the force required to damage your vehicle, as well as minimize the impact of road grime and salty air. Although there’s no absolute guarantee that your car won’t suffer any damage, the film will make it less likely. Moreover, it will also help your car retain its resale value.

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