Ceramic Automotive Window Tints-FACTS

Ceramic automotive window tints use nanotechnology. They come in a wide variety of sophisticated charcoal shades and offer excellent heat rejection, glare control, and UV protection. They’re metal-free and won’t interfere with radio, satellite, and phone signals.

They also prevent corrosion and fade, unlike carbon and metallic tints. Here are the top five benefits of ceramic film.Alta Mere Plano Why Tint Your Car Windows In Texas-Featured Image

1. Heat Rejection

The most notable benefit of ceramic window tint when installed on your car is its strong heat rejection capabilities. This is due to the fact that ceramic particles are built into the film itself as opposed to being added to it later on like other types of films.

This technology also protects you from harmful UV rays that can cause skin damage, premature fading of interior fabrics, and even blinding vehicle accidents caused by sun glare. The ceramic particles also make the window tint shatterproof, so in the event of an accident or damage to your car’s windows, glass shards will hold together rather than scattering around your interior.

A popular brand of ceramic window tint is Johnson’s InsulatIR which uses a patented nano-ceramic particle formula for outstanding solar IR rejection, glare control, and uv protection. It also offers color stability over time and is backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Glare Reduction

When sunlight hits your car’s windows, it creates glare that reduces visibility and can cause accidents. Thankfully, ceramic window tint offers superior glare reduction that helps you drive safely.

High-quality ceramic tint blocks damaging UV rays from entering your Tesla cabin. This prevents skin problems and keeps your cabin cool and comfortable.

This type of tint also resists fading, which is an issue with many other types of window film. It’s important to know this because cheap window tint can bubble and peel over time, causing your car’s windows to look unappealing. This problem is avoided with ceramic film because it’s color stable. This makes it a great choice for those looking to maintain a stylish appearance. Also, ceramic film doesn’t interfere with cellular and GPS signals as metalized films do.

3. Privacy

Most other tint shades fade over time, but ceramic window film has built-in strength and color stability. It also keeps the windows shatterproof and safe in the event of an accident or bad weather.

Madico’s InsulatIR ceramic tint offers outstanding IR rejection and UV blocking with a neutral look. It features improved technology that resolves early hazing and ghosting issues and is backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

XPEL PRIME XR PLUS high-performance ceramic tint rejects 98% of incoming heat, blocks harmful UV rays, and keeps the vehicle’s interior cool. It is also metal-free, allowing for signal clarity for GPS systems and cell phones. This is one of the highest performing ceramic window tints available. It is also scratch-resistant and provides superior visibility. The ceramic coating also prevents glare from headlights and other vehicles.

4. Durability

Ceramic window film has a dual layer of nano-ceramic technology that protects the windows from sun penetration and glare. It’s also shatterproof, so if the glass is cracked or broken it will stay in place, rather than turning into dangerous glass shards.

It’s metal-free, which allows the ceramic particles to block infrared (IR) light – electromagnetic waves that are not visible to the human eye but are perceived as heat. This reduces the amount of solar heat that enters the vehicle, which can significantly lower your internal temperature and save on air conditioning costs.

XPEL’s PRIME XR PLUS high-performance ceramic tint provides superior heat rejection and UV protection with a limited lifetime transferable warranty. It also offers a more even distribution of light, which improves visibility.

5. Safety

Ceramic window tint is a great option for cars because it looks sleek, provides high levels of protection and privacy, keeps heat in when necessary, doesn’t interrupt radio and cellphone signals, and is more durable than other standard tints. However, it does come at a higher price than other options.

In addition to its excellent UV rejection, ceramic tint also blocks out a significant amount of infrared light without appearing darker than other tints. This helps to reduce glare in the interior of your car, making it easier to see and operate your vehicle.

KAVACA Ceramic IR is a premium product that utilizes nano-ceramic technology to block out the majority of harmful UV rays and infrared heat and glare. It is metal-free, allowing GPS, radio and cellphone signals to pass through with clarity; it offers superior heat rejection and glare control at a wide range of VLTs.

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