Ceramic Window Film – Does it Help My Car in the Winter?

Ceramic window film has some great advantages, and one of them is that it blocks harmful UV rays. This helps you keep your car cooler. It is also more durable than other window films, so it will not fade over time. This type of window film will also protect your car from UV rays and glare, which are both harmful to your car and your skin.

Blocks harmful UV rays

Ceramic window film is one of the most effective options for blocking the sun’s rays. With its scratch-resistant coating, our SolarCeramic PlusAlta Mere ceramic window film winter benefits body window film rejects up to 99% of harmful UV rays and 98% of heat. The film also maintains color over time. It is available in a variety of tint shades.

UV rays can penetrate deep into the skin, causing wrinkles and skin cancer. In the U.S., drivers are at a higher risk of developing skin cancer on the left side of their bodies. This is due in part to the high amounts of UV light reaching their bodies through a car window.

Blocks infrared light

Ceramic window film is beneficial for a variety of reasons, but perhaps its most obvious benefit is its ability to block infrared light, which is not visible to the naked eye. It keeps the internal temperature of your home warm during cold winter days. The reason why ceramic window film is effective is that it contains nanoparticles of ceramic material that block over 90% of infrared rays. This allows your car stay warmer in winter and cooler during summer.

Moreover, it can reduce heating costs by limiting the amount of visible light. In addition, it can significantly reduce the risk of cracking and fading of interior furnishings. As it rejects 99% of IR and 98% of UV rays, it allows for about 70% visible light transmission.

Blocks UV rays

Ceramic window tint rejects nearly 99% of UV rays and infrared light. It reduces sun glare, improves visibility and stabilizes side windows. The film is made of ceramic particles, which are microscopic in size. The nano-sized particles increase the durability of the film and reduce the chances of scratching it.

One of the most effective films on the market is our SolarCeramic window film. It blocks 99 percent of harmful UV rays and rejects 60 percent of solar energy. It has a scratch-resistant coating and retains its color over time. It rejects 99% of infrared light and 98% of heat. It is also thicker, stronger and more durable than other window film options.

UV rays can damage the skin at the cellular level, causing premature aging and skin cancer. The rays are also responsible for the fading of car interiors and can cause upholstery and paneling to peel. Most windows in cars are not UV resistant, but window film can help protect these items. Clear auto glass blocks approximately 37 percent of UVA radiation.

Blocks glare

Ceramic window film is a popular choice for cars and trucks alike. Its non-metallic, non-conductive material blocks heat and UV rays. It does not interfere with radio waves or generate glare. In addition, it is environmentally friendly. However, it is more expensive than other window film options but well worth the investment.

It is also available in darker tint shades to reduce glare. We offer several types of ceramic window film. The ceramic window film comes in a wide variety of price ranges. If you choose to install it yourself, you can expect the installation cost to be high due to mistakes and re-work.

Window film can also help you save energy.

Reduces glare

Automotive window film can reduce glare from the sun to increase your comfort level and safety while driving. Glare can be distracting and even cause headaches. The film can also help maintain the car’s temperature year-round. The film is available in a variety of colors and can last up to a decade, but you should expect it to wear out and need to be replaced every few years.

Ceramic window film is considered a premium option for automobiles. It is the best choice for cold-weather driving and is more durable than metalized or dyed films. Our SolarCeramic Series window film is available in clear and neutral tints and is easy to maintain. The films are also non-corrosive and come with lifetimne warranties.

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