Ceramic Window Film For Cars

Ceramic window tint is a great way to keep your vehicle cooler and more comfortable. This film also offers protection against harmful UV rays that can cause fading and damage your car’s interior materials.

Our nonreflective ceramic tint has high heat rejection capabilities without using metallic dyes. This reduces the interference with radio, cellphone, and GPS signals.

Ultraviolet Protection

Our  SolarCeramic Plus Tint Package blocks more than 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, protecting you and your passengers from skin damage and fading interiors. These films also reduce glare and reflect light to improve interior comfort.Alta Mere Plano Window Film on driver window

Professionally applied ceramic tint blocks a significant amount of infrared radiation that causes heat build-up inside your vehicle, allowing you to drive with the air conditioner off during hot summer days. This can significantly reduce your energy costs and save you money on fuel.

CovrGard ceramic film effectively eliminates ultraviolet radiation and reduces glare, making it safer for drivers and passengers and reducing the risk of accidents. Plus, it has no metal elements that can interfere with GPS, cell phones and other electronic devices. This product is backed by an 8 year manufacturer warranty.

Infrared Rejection

While earlier incarnations of automotive window tints had plenty of color-fading problems, today’s ceramic car tints do a great job at keeping your interior cool and comfortable. This is mainly due to the way that they reject harmful heat and UV rays before they can enter your vehicle’s cabin.

Additionally, these tints don’t contain any metals like regular tints do. This means that they don’t interfere with airborne signals such as pagers, outgoing calls or radio waves.

In addition to helping you abide by your state’s tinting laws, these window tints also give your vehicle a sleek and stylish look. This helps you stand out from the crowd while offering your car privacy and security. You can even get a mirrored tint for your windows for that cool graffiti look.

Heat Rejection

Unlike dyed tints or metallic films that use dye or metalized particles to darken the film, ceramic window tint uses nano-ceramic technology for superior clarity. The non-metallic shards are so small that they can’t be seen by the naked eye, yet provide excellent visibility and reduce glare while driving on sunny days.

The superior heat rejection of our SolarCeramic Plus Tint Package helps to keep your car’s interior cooler and less stress on your air conditioning system during hot weather. In addition, it doesn’t interfere with cell tower or satellite signals.

Many drivers who choose to tint their cars report that they are more comfortable when they’re driving, and they enjoy a much-needed reduction in the amount of glare and UV rays entering their vehicle’s windows.


The tinted film blocks UV rays and visible light, preventing glare and heat. In addition, it offers privacy and security by making it harder for outsiders to see in your car. It also helps to keep your interior cool, which reduces the need to use the air conditioner.

Unlike metal-based films, ceramic window tints don’t interfere with cell phones or WI-Fi signals. They are durable and resist fading, shattering, dulling, and fading, giving them an extended lifespan compared to standard windows.

Choose from a wide range of shades to achieve your desired level of darkness and privacy. Alta Mere offers many options which are made with microscopic nano-ceramic particles to reject heat, sun glare, and UV rays while maintaining high performance and a custom look.


In contrast to dye-based tints that fade and bubble over time, ceramic films use color stable technology to keep their colors long-lasting. In fact, they’re built to last 2-3 times longer than regular dyed tints!

Tinting your vehicle windows with a ceramic tint will also protect you from the harmful effects of UV radiation. The film can block 98 % of the sun’s UVB and UVA emissions that cause skin cancer, skin burns, and fading of paints and dyes.

The nonmetallic ceramic particles in this type of tint are bounded tightly together, making it extremely durable. That’s why some professional tint installers offer a lifetime guarantee for their work! In addition, it resists abrasions and can stand up to stray rocks on the road.

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