Ceramic Window Film For Trucks

Several drivers are looking for a ceramic window tint that protects from harmful UV radiation. These rays cause sunburn, skin cancer, and even dyes and paint to fade.

Our Solar Ceramic is a premium window tint that uses advanced technology for superior heat rejection, UV protection, and glare control. It’s metal-free and doesn’t interfere with radio, cell phone, or satellite signals.

Reduces UV Rays

When you’re on a long road trip, your vehicle is exposed to a lot of harmful UV rays that can cause wrinkling and skin cancer. CeramicSolarCeramic Tint Package Alta Mere Plano Home window tint can significantly reduce the amount of UV rays that enter your cabin, keeping you and your passengers safer.

A high-quality ceramic window film is able to absorb and reject most of the solar infrared radiation that causes heat. This means your vehicle will be a lot cooler during the summer.

Aside from its thermal insulation properties, a ceramic tint is also metal-free which helps maintain signal clarity for electronic devices like GPS systems and radios. This makes it a great alternative to regular dyed window tints that can interfere with the functioning of these devices. This is an important feature because it means you’ll be able to use all of the functionality that your car has to offer without losing your navigation or radio capabilities. This is a huge benefit in areas like Marietta and Atlanta where the sun’s heat can be overwhelming for your electronics.

Blocks Heat

Infrared (IR) rays can cause damage to the interior of your vehicle over time, but ceramic film is engineered to reflect 99% of them. This can save your car’s upholstery and dashboard from premature wear, fading and even deterioration. It also adds a level of privacy, as it is harder for others to see inside your vehicle.

The superior grade ceramic in this type of tint is infused with microscopic, non-conductive ceramic nano particles that are designed to reflect the IR rays. This helps keep your cabin cool and comfortable during a long road trip without having to use the air conditioning as much. It also keeps the glare to a minimum, so you can enjoy your drive and avoid a headache. Additionally, ceramic tint is metal-free and does not interfere with cell phone or electronic device signals like GPS systems, smartphones or radios. This is important because it can improve the function of these devices and make them easier to use.

Reduces Glare

The sun’s blinding glare can make driving on long road trips difficult. Fortunately, ceramic window tint reduces the glare and helps drivers see clearly while they’re on the road. This helps prevent eye strain and fatigue, and makes it safer to drive at night.

Another way ceramic window tint helps is by reflecting infrared rays and reducing solar heat. This keeps the interior temperature more comfortable and decreases air conditioning usage, which will save you money.

While other tints can fade over time, ceramic tints look great for a long time. They’re also more durable and stronger than metalized films, which means they can withstand high-intensity crashes without peeling or bubbling. The non-metallic material also offers no interference with GPS systems, radios, or cell phone signals. As a result, 3M’s ceramic automotive window tint has received glowing reviews from both consumers and professional installers.

Increases Visibility

With its unique nano-ceramic construction, ceramic window tints are able to effectively block heat and harmful UV radiation without sacrificing visibility. These advanced films are designed to be highly resistant to infrared radiation compared to dyed tints, and yet they still maintain a clear appearance without turning your windows into a darkened limo (which can be against the law).

As with carbon film, ceramic tint is color stable and doesn’t fade over time. This allows it to keep its appearance and performance for a long period of time, saving you money and maintenance costs.

To ensure that your ceramic tint continues to look its best, it is important to follow a regular cleaning routine. Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners as they can damage the film over time. Sticking to a simple, water-based cleaner will extend the life of your ceramic tint and improve its effectiveness for years to come.

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