Ceramic Window Film Is Best For Your Car

When it comes to upgrading your window tinting, you should be aware that ceramic films offer the highest performance in UV protection and IR rejection. They are also backed by a lifetime warranty.

Unlike dyed film or carbon, ceramic tint contains small particles of nano-ceramic technology. It offers a high level of UV rejection and IR protection, as well as glare reduction. AltaMere in Plano will help you get covered.

Blocks the Sun’s RaysAlta Mere Plano Lambo ceramic window flim

The best ceramic window tint absorbs radiant energy and turns it into a harmless form of heat. The film also blocks harmful UV rays, preventing your car’s interior and your skin from premature aging and sun damage.

Our films are metal-free, unlike metallized film, which often interferes with cell phone signals, GPS systems and radio reception. They are also scratch-resistant and offer a sleek, dark look that is more attractive than dyed or metallic films. They are also less reflective than most other types of window tint. This makes them ideal for European vehicles with their clean lines and classic looks. They also keep your vehicle cooler and more comfortable, reducing annoying and distracting glare while blocking 98% of UV rays.

It’s More Attractive

As opposed to cheap dyed window tint that will fade, crack, and peel over time – ceramic automotive film is extremely durable. The films also provide a sleek, professional appearance. They are available in a wide range of VLTs to match the unique style of your car.

Superior grade ceramic IR tint is nonmetallic and nonconductive, but it still has amazing heat rejection and UV protection abilities. This type of window tint also reduces glare and is shatterproof.

Ceramic window tint consists of layers of clear polyester, ceramic nano particles, and laminate adhesive. The ceramic nano particles are infused with titanium nitride to reflect solar energy and UV rays and keep the interior of your vehicle cool and comfortable. This will also help you save money on your energy bills and prevent fading of upholstery, hardwood floors, and leather. It will also protect your skin from harmful UV rays and help prevent skin cancer. It also helps to reduce the sun’s damaging effects on your dashboard, seats, and steering wheel.

It’s More Durable

In general, ceramic tints are more durable than other types of window film. This is because they are less prone to cracking, bubbling and peeling over time. This can save you a lot of money in the long run, as it will reduce your need to get your car tinted again.

A great example of a ceramic film is a metal-free, clear VLT film that uses nano-ceramic particles to deliver outstanding heat rejection and glare control. It also prevents ghosting and hazing. Additionally, it blocks 98% of UV light and can reduce glare by up to 91%.

Another excellent option is our Xpel line. This is a dye-free, carbon film that delivers excellent heat rejection and glare reduction without the need for a dark shade. It is also metal-free and won’t interfere with GPS, radio or cell phone signals. In addition, it’s color stable and will not fade over time.

It’s More Affordable

Ceramic tint is the best for your car when it comes to heat rejection, sun glare reduction, and protection against harmful UV rays. It also looks great and doesn’t fade with time, saving you from spending more on a new window tint in the future.

XPEL PRIME XR PLUS ceramic film, it is a dye-free product that won’t change in color or develop hazing or ghosting over time. Huper Optik’s Carbon IR and Ceramic IR tint are similar to the above in terms of performance, but offer more of a traditional dark privacy look. These films are backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty, too.

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