How Stable Is Ceramic Window Film

Ceramic window tint is the latest in automotive restyling and protection. It offers many benefits including UV protection, heat reduction and glare control.

It’s also color stable – unlike dyed films that fade over time. Plus, it’s metal-free which means it won’t interfere with your cell signal or Wi-Fi connectivity.

UV Protection

Ceramic tint offers the highest level of UV protection in a car. In addition to blocking all of the sun’s harmful UV rays, it is also extremely effective at eliminating infrared radiation (IR) that heats your vehicle. Some superior grade ceramic films are even infused with additional IR blocking technology to further increase your car’s heat resistance.

Unlike metallized films, ceramic tint is metal-free and will not interfere with cell phone or GPS signals. Adding to this, ceramic film is durable and not prone to bubbling or peeling like other types of tints.

Alta Mere has a special series window tint is a great option to consider when shopping for ceramic tint. It offers UV protection, glare control and heat rejection while maintaining an attractive, sleek appearance. To learn more about this film or to see it in action, visit us soon.

Heat Rejection

Unlike regular tints, ceramic window film blocks out the heat of the sun. It does this by absorbing infrared (IR) energy rather than reflecting it. This allows your car to remain cooler without having to crank up the AC.

XPEL PRIME XR PLUS is a ceramic window film that offers high-performance benefits such as UV protection, glare control, and heat rejection with optical clarity. It’s also shatterproof so if your windows are ever broken, the shards will stay together instead of flying everywhere.

Solar Gard’s VortexIR is a dark ceramic film that provides superior solar IR rejection, glare control and clarity with a rich black appearance. It’s metal-free, meaning it doesn’t interfere with GPS systems or cellular signals. It’s the best option for preserving your car’s value and style. It’s part of the Saint-Gobain family, so it has access to world-class research and technology. It’s also backed by Johnson Window Film’s comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty program.

Glare Control

Many consumers choose ceramic film because it is not a dye or metal, and it offers great glare control without compromising heat rejection. It allows the light rays to pass through the window, but it refracts the IR rays in different directions, keeping them from entering your car or home. The result is a much more comfortable interior.

In addition, it helps keep your interior cool and reduces the load on the A/C system during hot days. This saves energy, which is great for the environment and your wallet.

Finally, ceramic tints are scratch resistant and durable. They will remain in pristine condition for the life of your vehicle.


Ceramic window tint uses nanotechnology to block UV rays that cause wrinkling, skin damage and can potentially lead to cancer. It’s metal-free and helps to boost cell phone signal strength while also reducing interior glare. It’s a multi-layered film that starts with an oxide or nitrate layer then is added a clear polyester base and laminate adhesive.

Unlike other tints that fade over time, ceramic tint stays beautiful over a long period of time. It’s not only durable but also resistant to scratches and abrasions.

Safety and security films offer an extra layer of protection against break-ins, natural disasters and blasts. It’s a heavy-duty polyester film that’s applied to glass surfaces in homes and businesses. It holds shattered windows in place, which deters would-be thieves and protects tenants against dangerous glass shards.

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