How PPF Protects Your Car

PPF is a clear, adhesive-backed layer that an expert can apply to certain body panels or the whole car. It can withstand harsh light conditions and even self-heal light scratches.

It takes the hits so your paint doesn’t have to—and keeps your car’s value high. It can be combined with a ceramic coating for added protection.

Remember to ALWAYS get the certitied pros at Alta Mere in Plano Texas to install this awesome product to protect your car for years.

Protects Your Paint

PPF acts like a bodyguard, taking the hits so your car’s paint doesn’t have to. It’s a clear, protective film that can be applied to your vehicle’s Alta Mere Plano Door Cup (2) & Edge Guard (2) $198 paint job to keep it safe from road debris, stray rocks, bird lime, environmental contaminants, scratches, and minor abrasions.

It’s also resistant to acidic corrosion and contamination, which can damage your factory paint. And it can help reduce oxidation caused by sunlight, keeping your car looking newer for longer and improving its resale value.

There are many different brands of PPF available, but most have similar qualities. For example, they all come on a roll of material with a liner that protects the layer before it’s applied to your car (this is removed and discarded during the installation process). The adhesive layer binds the PPF to your clear coat, but it can be easily removed without causing any damage or affecting the paint underneath. Some PPF also has self-healing properties that can heal light scratches.

Prevents UV Rays

In addition to preventing small scratches, chips and scuffs, PPF shields your car’s paint from UV radiation that causes sun fading and damage. This protective film acts as a barrier against excessive sunlight exposure, preserving the color of your vehicle and safeguarding its resale value.

Unlike older PPF that cracked or yellowed with prolonged UV exposure, modern coatings offer long-lasting protection. Their urethane layer flexes when impacted, spreading the force over a much larger surface area, reducing or eliminating any damage to the paint beneath.

Modern ppf also offers stain resistance, minimizing the need for regular cleaning and maintenance. It repels water, mud and other contaminants that can cause swirl marks and keeps your car’s paint looking polished and glossy even after extended periods of time. However, a thorough washing and detailed clay bar treatment are still recommended to prevent the build-up of any stubborn contaminants.

Prevents Scratches

PPF prevents scratches from happening on your car by creating a protective barrier over the clear coat. This film can be trimmed and shaped to fit specific areas of your car, like the hood, mirrors, and door edges, which are often the first to suffer damage from rocks, road debris, and other hazards. It can also be custom-cut to the exact make and model of your vehicle, ensuring a precision fit.

This protective layer can help to protect your car’s resale value, as it will keep it looking brand new and in pristine condition for years to come. Depending on the brand you choose (Llumar, 3M, and Xpel are some of the largest manufacturers), some PPF films also have a self-healing feature that makes scratches disappear when heated by your engine or hot water.

The protective layer also helps to shield your paint from harmful environmental contaminants and UV rays, which can cause the color of your vehicle to fade and discolor over time. In addition, it offers hydrophobic properties that reduce the amount of dirt and debris that can stick to your paint.

Prevents Rust

PPF is resistant to acidic contaminants like bird droppings, bug splatters and acid rain. This helps keep your car looking new for longer, and minimizes the need to touch up those areas affected by these contaminants.

It also helps reduce oxidation on the factory paint, and makes it easier to clean. That means you can wash your car more frequently, and it will stay looking pristine.

Think of it as a layer of armor that takes the hits so your paint doesn’t have to. It’s an excellent investment for anyone who drives a performance vehicle, leases their vehicle, or wants to maintain the value of their car. It can also save you money in the long run, as it reduces the need to spend a fortune at body shops to repair rock chips and other minor abrasions. And it can even protect against rust, keeping your car looking new for years to come. If you’re interested in getting your car protected with ppf, contact us to learn more about our products and services.

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