ceramic window film at Alta Mere in Plano Texas

Ceramic Window Film at Alta Mere in Plano Texas

Ceramic window film can improve indoor comfort and reduce energy expenses while enhancing the appearance of your windows. It also helps tame heat, protects furniture from UV rays and fights glare.

Vista window film is a laminate of strong polyester and metalized coatings bonded by adhesives. It can be clear, colored or patterned to blend with various design schemes.

Why Ceramic Window Film Needs to Be Professionally Installed

Ceramic window film is a non-metal, clear or tinted window film that can be applied to residential, commercial and vehicular windows. This type of film is made up of micro-thin layers imbued with ceramic-based nanoparticles.

The ceramic particles aren’t metallic or dyed, and they don’t conduct electricity. This makes the film perfect for applications where children may be present, as it won’t irritate their sensitive skin or eyes.

Additionally, this type of film blocks nearly 99% of UV rays, which prevents sun damage to your skin and reduces your risk for skin cancer. It also keeps your vehicle’s interior cooler by reducing the amount of heat that enters through the windows.

During the installation process, the glass will be thoroughly cleaned and treated with a cleaning solution before the film is placed onto it. Our team will use a professional-grade squeegee to apply the film and remove excess water, smooth it out and trim the edges.

UV Protection

During the summer, your windows are exposed to UV rays that can damage skin, contribute to wrinkling and the development of skin cancer. This is why it’s important to protect your windows from the sun’s harmful rays with a window film that offers UV protection.

This type of window film blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and allows you to enjoy the natural light that you love without worrying about fading your furnishings or damaging your skin. It also reduces glare and makes your home more comfortable.

Ceramic window film uses nano-ceramic technology to regulate the flow of light and prevent heat from penetrating glass. It controls heat faster and more efficiently than reflective window film, lowering energy bills and making your home more comfortable.

Heat Rejection

One of the most important benefits that ceramic window film offers is heat rejection. This reduces the amount of energy required to keep the room cool and can greatly improve your air conditioning system’s efficiency.

Achieving this type of reduction in solar heat can be very beneficial for your home and your family’s health. It also prevents costly repairs for your HVAC unit.

Another important benefit that this type of heat rejection film offers is glare reduction. This makes driving more safe and comfortable.

This kind of film is incredibly durable and doesn’t fade or change color over time. It’s a great choice for any home or office.

Glare Reduction

Glare reduction is an important part of any window tint application. It can help prevent a wide range of negative effects such as fading furniture, carpets and artwork.

Ceramic film is designed to block out the most intense glare and UV rays while still maintaining high levels of visibility and transparency. It does this by utilizing double layer nano-ceramic technology.

These small particles are not visible to the naked eye and are used to absorb and reflect light rays to reduce glare and haze, making it much easier to see what is outside.

This type of film is also a great choice for homes and offices because it can reduce the amount of harmful glare and UV rays that enter your space. In addition, it can be easily installed by professional window film installers at Alta Mere in Plano, Texas and is extremely affordable compared to other window tinting options.

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