Premium Ceramic Window Tint in Plano Texas

Tinting is a great way to reduce the harsh sun’s glare and help you stay safe on the road. However, not all tints are equal.

Ceramic window tint, made of microscopic ceramic particles, offers superior UV protection and significant glare reduction. It also rejects a significant amount of solar heat, which can lighten the load on your air conditioning system and save you money on energy costs.

Superior UV Protection

Unlike standard tint, ceramic tint has excellent fade resistance and does not degrade easily over time. It also has strong heat rejection Alta Mere Plano Why Is Ceramic Window Tint So Cool featured image capabilities and does not interfere with signals for electronic devices, such as radios and cell phones. This makes it a great option for drivers who want to keep their vehicle cool and protected from UV rays.

In addition to its superior UV protection, KAVACA’s ceramic window tint also provides quality heat rejection and glare control without changing the color of your windows or interfering with GPS and cell phone signals. It is also shatter-proof, protecting your interiors and passengers from dangerous glass shards in the event of an accident or smash-and-grab robbery.

The specialized polyester laminate in KAVACA’s ceramic window film is imbued with non-conductive ceramic particles, giving it an edge over other traditional films. This technology helps to block 99% of harmful UV rays and reduce heat in your vehicle, keeping the interiors cool and preventing damage to your skin, upholstery and leather seats.

Strong Heat Rejection

Adding ceramic tint can help reduce the load on your air conditioning during hot weather. It also helps protect your upholstery and leather, reducing the risk of fading or shrinking. It blocks harmful UV rays that can tan your skin and damage your eyes.

The microscopic ceramic particles in this specialized film are effective at blocking the sun’s heat while improving visibility. It can also block glare and make it easier for you to drive safely on sunny days. In addition, this specialized tint is shatter-proof and can help protect your passengers from dangerous glass shards in the event of an accident or smash-and-grab robbery.

XPEL ceramic window tint is available in several different shades, from a subtle smoked appearance to a darkened look. The higher the level of tint, the more protection it offers. However, it is important to allow ample time for the tint to cure properly before you roll down your windows or clean them. This is crucial for ensuring maximum heat rejection and durability.


Our Xpel ceramic tint options provide excellent infrared heat rejection and UV protection with a crystal-clear appearance that upgrades your car’s style. It improves comfort, reducing eye strain and distraction while driving, allowing you to focus on the road ahead. Plus, the specialized film is shatter-proof, retaining glass shards during an accident or break-in and reducing the risk of injury to passengers.

The patented ceramic oxide particle formula of our XPEL PRIME XR PLUS high-performance ceramic tint offers superior heat rejection, UV blocking and glare control. And, unlike metalized films, it does not interfere with radio, cell signal or GPS.

Additionally, it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against bubbling, peeling, lifting and discoloration. And, if you choose to book an appointment at one of our Elite Dealerships, we can protect the exterior of your vehicle during the same service with a full body paint protection or coating package. Click the button below to find an Elite Dealer near you.

Aesthetically Appealing

When you have ceramic tint installed, it will give your car an attractive dark appearance that reflects less solar heat and reduces glare while still looking clear. It also provides superior UV protection that helps protect your interior and prevent harmful skin cancer.

Standard window tint is made of dyed polyester or laminate sheets with light to dark color variations that have a scratch-resistant coating. This type of tint blocks solar heat and 99% UV rays but is not as durable or functional as other options.

A ceramic film like our XPEL PRIME XR PLUS high-performance ceramic tint is made of nano-ceramic technology that makes it better at hampering total solar energy and reducing glare. Unlike metalized tints, ceramic tint doesn’t interfere with GPS, radio, and cell phone signals. It’s available in several different VLT ratings and comes with a lifetime warranty. Find an Elite Dealer to book your appointment for Ultimate IR tint, and have them protect the exterior of your vehicle during the same appointment with a PPF or coating package with ION, the world’s first complete exterior lifetime warranty!

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