Protect Your Vehicle With Xpel Clear Bra PPF

Xpel clear bra is a transparent polyurethane film that protects your vehicle from rock chips and road debris. It also repels heat and has self-healing capabilities, which helps prevent scratching. Its durability and clarity make it the best paint protection product on the market.

Unlike waxes and sprays, clear bra ppf offers superior protection from rock chips and other road hazards. It is a virtually invisible layer of protection that preserves your showroom finish and maintains your car’s value.


XPEL ULTIMATE FUSION is the leading brand to protect your cars finish and professionally installed by our pros atAlta Mere in Alta Mere Plano Paint Protection Film and Regular Car Maintenance featured image Plano,Texas. Unlike traditional protection films, this self-healing PPF is completely invisible and enables your car’s original paint to shine through, safeguarding it from external threats such as rock chips, bird droppings, insect acids, and road debris.

ULTIMATE FUSION is distinct from ULTIMATE PLUS because it integrates a ceramic coating to add a hydrophobic quality to the film. This makes the surface slicker and easier to clean, meaning you’ll spend less time washing your vehicle and more time enjoying it.

This protective film covers high strike areas, such as the front bumper, mirrors, grill, headlight covers and the hood. It also helps to prevent rock chips, swirl marks, holograms and spiderwebbing by covering them with an invisible barrier that self-heals when exposed to heat. It also keeps smudges and dirt off your vehicle’s finish, making it easy to keep looking new.


XPEL Ultimate is a clear, urethane-based film that protects your car from road debris and other environmental contaminants. It offers a robust surface that is resistant to weak acids, most solvents and gasoline and oil. It is even thermally stable up to 176degF. A video on Xpel’s YouTube channel shows that when marked with a Sharpie or stained with an egg, the marks wipe away easily. This is due to the fact that Xpel Ultimate has a self-healing property that works with direct sunlight to vanish light scratches, scuffs and other damage.

Whether you drive an older vehicle or a brand new model, it’s essential to protect your investment. PPF (Paint Protection Film) helps to keep your car looking like the day you bought it. XPEL ULTIMATE FLEXION is the leading brand to protect your cars finish and professionally installed at Alta Mere in Plano,Texas. Call us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.


The XPEL brand is the leading choice to protect your cars finish and professionally installed at Alta Mere in Plano,Texas. These films are 8.5 mils thick and create an invisible barrier that reliably fends off rock chips, bug splatter, road debris and other environmental contaminants. They also have a self healing property that allows minor scratches to disappear with the application of heat.

XPEL provides quality paint protection film, but there are some differences when looking at inferior brands. For example, XPEL has better self-healing properties because their film is designed to repair itself at the molecular level. Additionally, their paint protection films are more resistant to yellowing and fading than allother major brands.

Both brands are durable and offer a warranty, but the XPEL product offers better scratch resistance and more UV protection. Moreover, their films are easy to install. The XPEL website offers pre-cut patterns and digital templates to simplify the installation process. They also offer a variety of packages to suit your needs.


XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film shields high strike areas of your vehicle including the front bumper, grill, headlight covers and hood. XPEL’s patented technology creates an impact resistant layer that protects your paint from rock chips, road debris and abrasion. Its flexible urethane layers flex when hit to spread the force of an impact across a larger area, protecting your expensive paint job from scratching or chipping.

Unlike traditional clear bras, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS BLACK sheds contaminants that stain or yellow conventional films and is more resistant to heat. Its elastomeric polymers allow surface scratches to naturally ‘heal’ over time, eliminating the need for frequent polishing and maintaining an unparalleled level of gloss retention.

It also has hydrophobic qualities that make it easier to clean, making wash time much faster and easier. XPEL’s gloss clear bra PPF can be enhanced with a professional ceramic coating, giving it superior protection and gloss that can increase your cars resale value.

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