Reduce Glare Protection While Driving With Ceramic Auto Window Film

One of the top-of-the-line types of ceramic auto window film is the IRX Series. This type of film rejects the heat-causing infrared rays, making your vehicle feel cooler to drive in. In addition to helping you stay cooler, IRX film has a high level of durability, privacy, and glare control. Read on to learn more about this type of auto window film.

XPEL ceramic auto window film

XPEL automotive window film is known for its high-quality construction, durability, color stability, and scratch-resistant coating. This product prevents glare while driving by blocking up to 99% of UV rays. It is also non-metalized to prevent it from obstructing radio frequency technology. It also offers maximum heat rejection. It has an attractive, neutral charcoal color and comes with a lifetime warranty.

XPEL ceramic auto window film is available in a variety of styles and colors to fit your car’s windows. The premium quality of these filmsAlta Mere Plano Aqua Subaru Tint offers glare protection while driving while still offering the same level of visibility. The film’s low-reflectivity properties make it especially useful for people who work in brightly-lit environments. It can reduce glare from roadside signs and reducing interior temperatures.

Another great benefit of XPEL auto window film is its ability to protect the drivers and passengers from harmful glare. Its ceramic nano-technology helps prevent road hazards and is not interfered with radio, cellular, or Bluetooth signals. Furthermore, it protects the occupants of the vehicle from small shards of glass. It is highly recommended for vehicles with large windscreens.

AIR Series

If you’re looking for an auto window tint that will provide maximum glare protection, consider a ceramic auto window film. Ceramic films are made from tiny, almost invisible ceramic particles, and offer improved UV and heat protection, as well as increased glare rejection. This film will also maintain the look of your vehicle and can be applied to any factory-tinted window.

The AIR Series ceramic auto window film is a great option for anyone who has a hard time driving in a sun-filled environment. This film’s nanoparticle ceramic composition blocks 66% of the solar energy that strikes the vehicle. As a bonus, it also rejects 95% of infrared heat from direct sunlight. The AIR Series ceramic auto window film is also compatible with windshields and may even be applied on the roof of your car.

3M is the originator of ceramic auto window films and has expanded its product line significantly over the past few years. The base version of 3M ceramic film blocks 99% of ultraviolet light and has a maximum Sun Protection Factor of 810. The IR Series can block up to 1000 SPF. This film is extremely expensive, requiring premium installation. The cost of installing ceramic window film on a vehicle ranges from $100 to over $800.

XPEL hybrid

XPEL’s newest line of automotive window films features an advanced ceramic particle technology. These film components have a greater ability to reject heat than dyed or metallized films. Its multi-layer nano-construction improves heat rejection without sacrificing visibility. The result is a film that is not only safer but also provides better fuel efficiency. And because it’s more attractive than dyed films, XPEL has launched several new versions that are a perfect match for a variety of cars.

XPEL’s ultimate XPEL kit covers all parts of your vehicle. It offers total protection for your headlights, bumpers, fenders, fog lights, mirrors, and hood. It has a hydrophobic and oleophobic topcoat. XPEL’s newest line of window films also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


There are several benefits of using XPEL ceramic auto window film to reduce glare while driving. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, XPEL ceramic films also offer UV protection. Unlike conventional window films, these products are not likely to fade or peel. The result is long-lasting comfort, glare-free vision, and peace of mind. Here are three reasons to use XPEL ceramic film in your car.

XPEL ULTIMATE: This auto window film offers mirror-like clarity, and is virtually indistinguishable from factory paint. Its self-healing property enables it to heal itself, eliminating the need for paint touch-ups. XPEL’s STEALTH product line is specially designed to protect the original finish of your car. It is perfect for matte and frozen finish vehicles.

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