Save Your Car With Ceramic Window Film From Alta Mere in Plano

If you haven’t already installed ceramic window film on your car, you should! Not only will this film protect your car from the sun’s harmful rays, but it will also reduce glare and improve visibility. In addition to that, it will also improve privacy and reduce glare. Read on to learn more about ceramic window film for cars! After all, it could save your car from a lot of problems!

Nano ceramic window film blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays

Ceramic window film is highly effective at blocking glare and infrared light, but it’s also extremely durable, color-stable, and resistant to heat. Nano-technology ceramic window film is infused with nano ceramic particles to give it enhanced UV and heat-blocking abilities. It can be found in nearly any color and tint, and offers similar levels of protection as super-dark tint.

The premium version of ceramic films blocks 98% of UV rays, and the IR version delivers a 90% reduction in glare. These films offer maximum glare reduction and a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 810. And we stand behind our product with a limited lifetime warranty. If you’re looking for the best UV protection for your car, consider the Solar Ceramic Plus we offer. It features an exclusive formula that makes it the least reflective, yet offers impressive UV protection.

It reduces glare

A lot of people wonder if ceramic window film reduces glare. In fact, the product is one of the most expensive glass protection films available. The ceramic material on the films reduces glare and UV rays. This film can reduce glare and UV rays by up to 90%, which is more than enough for a comfortable light level in the room. But it can also cause bubbles, creases, and deformation.

Another important benefit of glare reduction film is that it helps prevent glare from affecting our vision. Sunlight is distracting and blinding. Not only is it dangerous to our eyes, but it can also damage our homes and vehicles. If you’ve ever struggled to see through glare, you know the stress and headaches it can cause. Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem – glare reduction window film.

It improves visibility

Our Ceramic window film can block 98% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays without compromising visibility. It is available in varying shades, and unlike other types of window film, it is invisible to the naked eye. Unlike Crystalline window film, Ceramic window film is durable and tough, and does not degrade cell phone reception. The benefits of Ceramic window film go beyond blocking the sun’s UV rays.

The base version of our ceramic window film can block up to 88% of sunlight’s heat, and its IR upgrade can reduce glare by 98%. Both of these films are UV-blocking and have a maximum Sun Protection Factor and a limited lifetime warranty. All our ceramic film comes with a guarantee, and protection from harmful UV rays.

It improves privacy

Premium ceramic window film offers improved performance and superior privacy without sacrificing the exterior appearance of the windows. Ceramic is a highly durable, heat-absorbing material that is used for power lines, spacecraft, and toilets. Home window films made of ceramic exhibit similar energy-saving and privacy benefits as their commercial counterparts. In fact, the most popular application of ceramic window film is in automobiles. These films reinforce factory-made automotive glass and add privacy.

Ceramic window tint is also less reflective than metal film, which can interfere with cellphone or radio signals. This means that you can still make a phone call or listen to the radio while using the tinted windows. This makes ceramic window tint a great choice for windows in places where visibility is important. However, metallic window film can interfere with cell signals, whereas ceramic tint has no metal or dye content. While metallic film can interfere with radio and television signals, ceramic film does not.

It improves safety

Ceramic window film is a high-grade film made from nano-ceramic particles. This material offers durability and strength over time. Other window film types can fade away due to heavy sunlight exposure, but ceramic window film retains its tint benefits over time. Ceramic window film has shatterproof properties, meaning glass shards that are thrown through the window will be fixed in place. It also reduces energy costs because it keeps the inside of the house cool while reducing solar heat.

High-quality ceramic films also have a high UV protection rating. This is essential for optimal visibility and is particularly important when driving at night or in poor weather. Solar flares can also interfere with visibility. Furthermore, hazy window film can reduce visibility and increase danger. The ceramic film used in automotive applications is haze-proof and has a high VLT rating, so it will prevent glare and enhance safety.

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