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When most people think of automotive window film, they often think of automotive window tint. While automotive window film is a great way to keep the sun out of your eyes while driving, it does have some other advantages as well. In addition, if you are interested in saving money on pro automotive window film installation, Alta Mere Plano is here to help. Find out some of the automotive window film benefits below.Alta Mere Plano Window Film on Roll

Depending on the quality, automotive window film will block anywhere up to 35 95% of the sun’s heat rejection. This means you can actually balance automotive window films offer great comfort and reduce fuel consumption due to increased air conditioning overuse without having to compromise on heat rejection. Additionally, automotive window films offer a sense of security due to its anti-glare properties, especially when you are parked in a well lit area. The film’s reflection is much more natural looking than even the smoothest vinyl film. It will not reflect the light back at you creating a greater glare which could cause safety issues in poorly lit areas or during the night.

Another benefit of automotive window film is that it is available in multiple grades. There is a broad range of prices as well depending on the quality offered. High definition is one of the highest quality options, offering higher level of protection against glare than standard film. The higher the quality, the greater the cost. However, if you are concerned about expense over the life of the product, then stick with the better products to make sure you get the biggest bang for the buck.

Automotive window tinting is available with a solar heat rejection capability. Our better ceramic automotive window films come with a lifetime warranty.  When selecting a product, inquire about a lifetime warranty, just to be on the safe side. While it may cost more upfront, the lifetime warranty offers tremendous protection in the event it does start to show signs of aging.

Many customers are concerned that ceramic film will eventually break or fade from the heat or sun exposure. This is simply not true. These products are specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures and sunlight without fading for years on end. The finish on these products is highly resistant to sunlight and heat, which will allow them to remain strong and vibrant for several years. Additionally, they will not likely scratch when exposed to cleaning fluids or abrasive tools.

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