Top Texas Benefits of Ceramic Window Film

There are many options for tinting windows, and ceramic tint stands head and shoulders above the rest. It looks great, offers high levels of protection and privacy, reduces glare and prevents UV damage, and does not interfere with radio or electronic signals.

Unlike dyed film, ceramic window tint does not contain metal or carbon and is instead imbued with tiny ceramic particles. It is also tougherAlta Mere Plano How Can Window Tint Keep My Car Safe featured body and more durable than its predecessors.

UV Protection

The main benefit offered by ceramic window film is its ability to filter out the sun’s harmful UV rays. These rays can cause skin damage and even lead to cancer. In addition to this, they can cause fading of the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

The ceramic particles in Llumar Ceramic IR Window Film at Alta Mere in Plano Texas will prevent these rays from entering your vehicle. They also block 98% of harmful UV radiation to protect you and your passengers, while still allowing radio, GPS, and cell signal reception.

Other window tints that use a metallic film are susceptible to corrosion and often fade over time. This is not the case with ceramic window tints, which are not prone to color fading and will not crease or bubble as easily as their counterparts. This durability allows ceramic tints to last longer and give you peace of mind that they will be on your car’s windows for a long time.

Texas Heat Rejection

High-quality ceramic window tint will block out a substantial amount of solar heat. This can help to reduce the load on your AC system when it is needed most, minimizing energy usage.

The film also offers protection from harmful UV rays, which can lead to wrinkling and sun damage to skin. Additionally, ceramic films do not interfere with radio and cell phone signals like many metalized films can.

Llumar Ceramic film is a ceramic film that is available in multiple shades. It does not sacrifice heat rejection with light VLTs, making it possible to enjoy the benefits of a darker tint without losing visibility. The film is non-reflective and provides superior glare control while offering excellent solar IR rejection and blocking 98% of harmful UV rays. Installed by the pros at Alta Mere inPlano Texas and backed by their comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. This is one of the best thermal and glare reduction products on the market today.

Glare Reduction

In addition to blocking UV rays that can lead to skin damage, wrinkles and sun fading, ceramic tints offer glare reduction as well. This helps with driver comfort while significantly reducing summer cooling costs.

Unlike dyed or metallic films, ceramic tints do not have to be dark to achieve high heat rejection and glare control. That gives you the flexibility to choose a tint shade that fits your vehicle, personality and style without sacrificing performance.

One of the newest ceramic window films to hit the market is Solar Gard’s Evolve ceramic series, which the company describes as a true black color that absorbs radiant energy rather than reflecting it. According to published specs, it is capable of rejecting up to 98% of infrared energy with a visible light transmittance (VLT) up to 65%. It also offers a lifetime limited transferable warranty.


When you’re driving on a hot summer day, it can be hard to stay comfortable without cranking up your air conditioning. Ceramic window tint can keep your car cool by blocking out a large portion of the solar energy that would normally heat up your interior. It also reduces the wear on your AC, extending its lifespan and saving you money in the long run.

Johnson Window Films InsulatIR features a patented nano-ceramic oxide particle formula that delivers exceptional solar IR rejection and glare control. It’s available in seven gradients, ranging from an almost-clear to a limo-grade blackout of 5%. Plus, it’s metal-free so GPS, radio, and cell phone signals pass through unhindered.

Many metal-based films interfere with operating devices like GPS systems and cell phones by manipulating the electronic waves that allow them to work. Because ceramic film is completely metal-free, it enables optimal device function. It also prevents shattering in the event of an accident, keeping you and your passengers safe from glass shards.

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