In Texas, any professionally installed auto glass window tinting is required by law to be done by a qualified installed and meet certain criteria.

There are many companies in the state that will  install the film if you decide to have it done. The reason why you should hire a professional like Alta Mere in Plano, is that it is required that the tinting be done properly. If not, it can result in the tint becoming cracked, faded, or even come off entirely. If this happens, it can affect the way people see you and your vehicle. Not good.

One issue that can happen when auto window tinting is not properly done is when it is too dark. Texas does require a maximum amount ofAlta Mere Plano What Are The Automotive Tint Laws In Texas body image dark or light transmittance on the front driver and passenger windows. When the film becomes too dark, it can reduce visibility by as much as 60% hard if not impossible to obtain your state vehicle inspection.

Another issue that can occur when a person has improper automotive window tinting is when it is made from a material that is not high quality enough or thick enough or treated correctly to block the sun.

Not all car manufacturers create windows that are made to block UV rays or to allow for adequate heat rejection. Some manufacturers use a process in  manufacturing windows in that the window is made using solids that can conduct heat. The solids in this process include glass, fiberglass and polycarbonate, among other materials. One of the problems with this type of window tint is that they can be very thin, thus allowing air to get through. If it is thin enough to be air permeable, it could result in your automobile overheating because of the warmth penetrating the glass.

You may have noticed that television ads about car window tinting warn against using certain films on your vehicle. They say that exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause severe damage to your skin and increase the possibility of skin cancer. While it is true that excessive exposure to UV rays may cause skin cancer, the evidence does not show that it is the direct cause of skin cancer.

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However, there are a variety of laws in various states that have made it illegal to tint your automobile windows without having proper auto glass replacement. While you may be tempted to simply skip this requirement and simply purchase cheaper car windows, it is strongly suggested that you protect yourself by adhering to the law. Not only would you not have to worry about getting arrested for illegal window tinting, but you may also not want to expose yourself to unnecessary health risks. The bottom line is that it’s your car, so it’s your responsibility to keep it protected from sun and UV radiation.

Another reason to ensure that you follow the current automobile window tint laws is to avoid spending extra money for auto glass replacement. Auto glass is extremely expensive, so protecting yourself and others around you by having adequate window film is an easy way to save a few dollars. By following the current laws, you can save a lot of money.

One thing you may notice is that there is always a reason why some people have broken the law, while other people go to great lengths to ensure their safety. If you decide that you want to use automotive window tint film to protect yourself and others around you, then make sure that you always follow the rules. Sometimes people who break the law are simply careless, while other people are purposely trying to circumvent the law and think they are “smarter than the rest of us.” No matter what, if you choose to install automotive window tint film on your car or truck, remember to protect yourself and others around you by ensuring that you follow all of the current automotive tint laws in Texas.

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