Why Choose Ceramic Window Tint?

Unlike older tints that can bubble or fade over time, ceramic film resists fading and stays strong. Its durability also makes it the superior choice for heat resistance, glare reduction and visual clarity.

Enjoy cooler temperatures and less glare with Xpel ceramic window tint professionally installed by the pros at Alta Mere in Plano, Texas. Its exceptional heat rejection properties minimize the need for excessive air conditioning, saving you energy and money in the long run.

Reduces UV Rays

A major concern of many vehicle owners is protecting themselves and their vehicles from harmful UV rays. Prolonged exposure to these Alta Mere Plano Why is Ceramic Window Tint Good For Cars body image rays can cause skin damage, fade the interior of your car, and even deteriorate the steering wheel and dashboard over time. Ceramic tint significantly reduces the amount of UV rays that can penetrate your vehicle, safeguarding you and your passengers from these harmful effects.

Unlike regular dyed window tint, the Xpel brand of ceramic tint is color stable, meaning it will not fade with prolonged sun exposure. It also offers superior heat rejection, keeping your vehicle cooler and more comfortable in the scorching summer months.

Its non-metallic composition ensures that it will not interfere with GPS, radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cell phone signals.

Reduces Heat

Unlike regular tints that heat up and make your car uncomfortable, ceramic film keeps the interior of your vehicle cool. It also protects your upholstery and reduces glare. Plus, it reduces your need for air conditioning usage, saving energy and money in the long run.

This is due to the nanotechnology incorporated into it. The charcoal particles in a ceramic film absorb infrared energy and heat. This keeps the interior of your car cool, even in Texas’ intense summer weather.

Additionally, Xpel brand ceramic window tint has a 99% UV rejection rate and provides optimum clarity. Moreover, it does not interfere with cell phone and electronic device signals. This makes it one of the best choices for people looking for a superior heat rejection and UV protection film.

Increases Visibility

A professional tint installation will ensure that the tint is a perfect fit for the windows and properly adhered to them. Special attention is given to avoiding air bubbles and an uneven application. All Xpel brand ceramic window film is made to be color stable and will not fade in the sun, unlike other types of tint.

Tinted windows also reduce glare, making it easier to drive on bright days or in dimly lit conditions. This helps to prevent accidents caused by impaired vision or distractions.

Finally, tinted windows help to protect the privacy of your car’s passengers. It is more difficult for criminals to see what is inside the vehicle, which may deter them from attempting break-ins or theft. Aside from this, tints help to keep shards of glass from flying in the event of an accident or crash.

Increases Privacy

The metalized layer on ceramic tints helps to reflect a significant portion of the incoming sunlight. This prevents heat penetration into the cabin and can help lower air conditioning usage resulting in potential energy savings.

Ceramic window tint also has a dark hue that makes it difficult for outsiders to see inside your car. This feature can be valuable if you keep your car full of expensive possessions and want to protect them from prying eyes.

The Xpel brand of ceramic window film includes nano-ceramic technology that delivers exceptional UV and glare rejection without compromising visibility. Additionally, unlike metallic tint, this product doesn’t interfere with electronic signals such as radio and cellphones, making it easier for you to stay connected while driving. The longevity of your tint also depends on the care and maintenance routines you follow.

Increases Durability

While regular tint does a solid job of blocking harmful UV rays and reducing heat, ceramic tint takes it to the next level. Using microscopic ceramic particles, it provides superior strength and offers high infrared rejection capabilities that help to keep your vehicle’s interior cool.

Harsh glare that can make driving difficult, especially on bright sunny days, is also reduced with the use of Xpel brand ceramic window film. This technology protects occupants from 99% of harmful UV rays that can cause damage to the eyes and skin, while also preventing the interior of your vehicle from fading over time.

When installed by a certified professional installer, this advanced tint is very durable and can stand up to years of exposure to sunlight and harsh weather conditions without peeling or bubbling. It is important to maintain regular cleaning routines with non-ammonia cleaners to help avoid the buildup of smudges and streaks.

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