Why Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating From Xpel Is The Best

Fusion plus ceramic coatings from Xpel are extremely durable, protecting against scratches, nicks and chemical contaminants. They are also very easy to clean with their hydrophobic properties.

These benefits and more make fusion plus ceramic coatings from xpel a popular choice for car owners. However, it is important to work with a certified installer when applying these products to ensure the best results over time.

Protects Your Automotive Paint From UV Damage

The sun’s UV rays are the main cause of paint degradation and fading. However, the sun is not the only factor – there are several environmental factors or physical attributes that can accelerate or advance the damage to your vehicle’s paint.

XPEL ceramic coatings can be a great solution to protect your paint from harmful UV rays. With their hydrophobic & oleophobic properties, water, oils, dirt and corrosives bead up & roll away, making your car easier to wash.

Unlike traditional wax, which only lasts 1-3 months, XPEL ceramic coating can keep your car looking shiny and new for years to come. Contact Orange Ya Dirty at Port Charlotte to learn more about the benefits of a professional ceramic coating!

Prevents Scratches

XPEL ceramic coatings form a protective barrier from scratches, dents, and other contaminants. This makes washing your vehicle easier and protects your paint from harmful UV exposure that can lead to color fading and oxidation over time.

These ceramic coatings are much thicker than traditional waxes and sealants, which means they resist abrasion damage over a long period of time. XPEL offers two ceramic coating options for your vehicle, Fusion Plus and Fusion Plus Premium.

Both products bond to surfaces at a molecular level, which makes it impossible for water and harmful chemicals to stick to your surface. They also repel dirt and grime, which reduces minor scratches and helps your car retain its shine.

The XPEL ceramic coatings are highly effective and durable, but it is important to work with the specialized installers at Alta Mere in Plano to ensure the best results. These experts understand the unique chemistry of the product and the proper application process needed to maintain its strong protection over time.

Enhances Gloss

Ceramic coatings are thicker and more durable than traditional waxes and sealants, which means they can withstand higher temperatures and harsh contaminants. They also provide a hardened layer of protection over the paint, meaning surface contaminants are more likely to be repelled rather than allowed to sink in and damage the finish.

Ceramics like XPEL Fusion Plus can last up to three years while maintaining an attractive sheen. The hydrophobic and oleophobic properties mean that water, harmful chemicals, dirt, sap, and bird droppings have a much harder time sticking to the surface. This can significantly reduce your car’s washing, detailing and maintenance needs.

XPEL ceramics also create a deeper gloss that is sure to turn heads. This added sheen is especially noticeable on a dark color vehicle. Regardless of the XPEL product you choose, it’s important to work with certified installers who understand the chemistry and application process behind each specific product. This will help ensure that you get the best possible results over time.

Increases Durability

The durability of XPEL ceramic coatings means you will spend less time washing, detailing and repairing your vehicle. Surface contaminants will be repelled instead of absorbed into the paint or PPF and your car will stay cleaner and look better for longer.

Developed to work with your XPEL PPF or painted surfaces, FUSION PLUS ceramic coating provides unrivaled gloss, superior hydrophobic protection and improved scratch resistance in one layer application. It is also designed to keep your glass surfaces cleaner, clearer and easier to maintain.

Ceramic coatings are much more durable than traditional waxes or sealants. They are abrasion resistant and can stand up to high temperatures, so they will protect your paint from scratches & nicks for years to come. Because of the unique chemistry involved in ceramic coatings, it is important to only use a certified XPEL installer to ensure the best results. Acap Films is proud to be a certified XPEL dealer and can help you install the perfect fusion plus ceramic coating for your vehicle.

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