This Is Why Ceramic Window Tint Is So Cool


Automotive window film has been around for decades. It’s existed for so long because it works. It works because it’s simple, extremely durable, and also affordable. Automotive window film has several advantages over other window technologies. Here are five great reasons why automotive window film is your best option.

It offers the most protection against heat loss. Since its tinted glass counterparts are not heat rejection, they allow light in but provide very little privacy. They do offerAlta Mere Plano Why Is Ceramic Window Tint So Cool body image some amount of privacy, but their lack of heat rejection means less than perfect sun blocking. By allowing just enough sun to pass through, automotive ceramic window film ensures you get optimal energy efficiency with the most amount of privacy possible. This is one of the key features in choosing these products.

It’s superior to other products in many ways. Automotive window film is easy to clean and maintain. This feature is the reason it’s the clear leader in the competition for auto window tint.

Ceramic Window Tint Is So Cool

Ceramic window film blocks up to 97% of UV rays. The barrier that it forms blocks out the majority of harmful UV rays while allowing the remaining rays to pass through. This means that the film doesn’t heat up like other tints do. It’s a cooler option than other products, and its effectiveness against UVA and UVB makes it a great choice for those who need high levels of protection and performance. In fact, it blocks more UVA and UVB than any type of glass or film on the market today.

It provides high levels of privacy. Compared to other tints, it has the highest level of privacy. It doesn’t reflect or scatter the sun’s rays, and it protects you from the glare of the sunshine. With low levels of glare, your vision is not impaired when driving.

It helps reduce energy costs. It allows you to save on gas by reducing heat absorption and energy loss in cold climates. In hot climates, it reduces the amount of time you need to wear sunglasses. It has a solar energy rejection that allows it to absorb as much solar energy as possible, which improves fuel economy. Not to mention the harsh Texas heat!

It’s easy to clean and maintain. They can be cleaned simply with soap and water. No harsh chemicals are used, and they don’t require polishing unlike some other window materials.

Often, automotive window tints turn purple when they’re not properly sealed. A smooth seal is important for reducing glare and keeping your interior decorating theme consistent. It keeps out the UV rays, which can make your carpets fade. You might want to consider using PPF or paint protection film for your car’s exterior also. With PPF you can help protect your car’s finish and make it look great for years.

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