Why Use Ceramic Window Film From Alta Mere on Your Car?

Having a ceramic window film from Alta Mere installed on your vehicle can make a big difference in your driving experience. Not only does it help to block out heat and reduce glare, but it also protects you from harmful UV rays.

Protects against harmful UV rays

Putting in ceramic window film in your Telsa car protects you and your passengers from harmful UV rays. The Skin Cancer FoundationAlta Mere Plano Lambo ceramic window flim recommends that window tint be part of an overall skin care regimen. The lightest shade of tint blocks 95 percent of UV energy and the darkest shade blocks 99 percent. While most films do not have a dramatic effect on the transmission of visible light, they can block a significant amount of the UV energy that can reach your windows and your skin.

In addition to protecting you and your passengers, installing window film in your car can also provide your vehicle with additional comfort. It lowers interior temperatures and significantly reduces UV ray damage. It is also the perfect addition to an auto window tinting project.

Having Ceramic Window Film on your car will not only keep your interior cool, but it will also help protect you from ultraviolet rays. Not only that, but it will also block up to 85% of heat. Plus, it will not interfere with GPS systems or phone signals.

Does darker tint protect better?

Adding ceramic window film to your car is an excellent choice to keep your interior cooler. It helps shield passengers from harmful UV rays and glare. And it can keep your car’s windows from cracking, even if you are involved in a car crash.

However, you need to know a little about how ceramic window film works to ensure you get the most benefit from it. Here are a few things to consider:

Ceramic window film is made up of nano-layered ceramic properties that resist exposure to heat. The film will not fade or change color over time. It also offers significant protection against UV rays and stray objects.

It can block about 60 percent of infrared heat. Using a darker shade can help you cut down on glare and improve visibility. It can also help you mitigate some health issues, like migraines, that occur while driving in the sun. Having a ceramic window film from Alta Mere installed on your vehicle can make a big difference in your driving experience. 

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