Window tinting is a common practice for cars, but did you know that window tinting can be a great idea for your car? Texas is a very popular place for car window tinting because of all the sunshine! Here are reasons why you need window tint in Texas.

Reduce Laze Spots: The sun causes a lot of glare when it shines on a vehicle’s exterior. Even on clear days you can still see the outline of the car from the road in front of you. When you are sitting in your car at an intersection, there will be vehicles behind you that are not being driven by you. This glare from other drivers on the road can cause confusion and often lead to accidents. UV rays from the sun can also lead to dry eyes and irritating sunburns. The glare from back windows can also increase the chance of rear end accidents.Alta Mere Plano White F250 open

Window tinting can also help reduce these problems. Medical Exceptions is a valid reason why a person needs tinting on their car. Medical exceptions are things like having a child with special needs or being involved in a collision.

The film thickness of your film will determine how dark your film will be. A thinner film will produce a darker image and have less privacy. A thicker film will create a lighter image and more privacy. There are many tint grades to choose from and each grade has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Dual Side Windows: When your vehicle has double side windows it will produce a greater amount of privacy than a vehicle that only has single side windows. It also creates a greater amount of light when both sides are open. When tinting your rear windows you will achieve the greatest privacy and light control. If your vehicle only has single side windows you will achieve the least amount of privacy and light control. You will see more on the rear side windows because of this feature. To get the ultimate in privacy you will want to have the thickest type of tint you can get.

Uv Rays Protection: When you have higher tint grades you can eliminate over 90% of the ultraviolet radiation that comes through your windows. If you have lower windows, you will only be eliminating about ten percent of the UV rays that come through. You will not be able to completely eliminate all of the UV rays, but you can greatly reduce them. The higher the car tint percentage, especially ceramic, the better because you will be eliminating the majority of the UV rays.

Limited Colors and Patterns: Many vehicles do not come standard with all of the accessories and factory colors. Most people are limited on their choices when it comes to rear window tint. If you would like to have some rear window tint than you will need to go with a custom color. You can use patterns and limited colors for your side mirrors and license plate frames. There are many advantages to having tinted dual side mirrors and the ability to have patterned and colored side mirrors.

These are just some of the pros and cons of having a front and back side window tint. There are many more factors to consider depending on your own personal situation. Your insurance company might require that you have a minimum tint requirement or they may even have a medical exemption. The type of driver you are will also affect how much you are required to purchase. Car windows tint can be expensive so you want to make sure that you are purchasing the right product for your own personal situation.

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